RIB's - Rigid Inflatable Boats

What RIB are you looking for?

As the largest specialist in RIB's in Belgium we continue to strive to have a wide range of different types of RIB's in both the leisure and in the professional and/or racing segments and all these in different lengths. So we can be sure that you can turn to us for your ideal boat.

New and second-hand RIB's

Moreover, we ensure that we always have a stock of both new and second-hand RIB's so that you can be on the water in no time if necessary.

Luxury RIB's for leisure use

For those looking for a luxury RIB for leisure use, we offer the following brands: Capelli, Solemar, Heaven and Zodiac.

Sporty RIB's

Who however, wants something more sporty in their spare time can opt for a custom built Osprey RIB or the Capelli Xtreme & Raid RIB versions. If you want to combine the sportiness with luxury, then we also have the solution ready for you: a Technohull RIB.

RIB's for professional use

For the professionals among us both Osprey and Capelli have the necessary professional RIB models in their range to build your boat into a real workstation. Capelli provides the necessary standard RIB working models in different lengths, but if a custom made RIB boat is needed which is built fully to your requirements, there are the Osprey RIB's.

Racing RIB's

Who however, wants to participate in the various RIB races can count on the Osprey, Technohull and Capelli racing models. All these brands have a good track record of winning performances over the years.

Tender or inflatable boat

Are you looking for more a tender or an inflatable boat, you can come to us for a Zodiac, Bombard or Avon .

What is a RIB?

RIB's - the abbreviation stands for Rigid Inflatable Boats - are inflatable motorboats with a hard body. They combine the good qualities of an ordinary boat and a rubber dinghy. The buoyancy comes from the air-filled tubes. As a lover of motorboats you will surely appreciate these 4x4's of the sea due to the unique sailing experience : RIB's uniquely combine speed and manoeuvrability. They are often associated with pleasure boats, but in practice they are also used as a military patrol boats, rescue boats and racing boats. Due to their construction they are the most flexible usable motor vessels for the sea.